We Develop Your Application

When your software can't satisfy your business needs, it's time to get your own application. The appropiate tool will maximize the incomes of your business.

In Cloud

Any application can be settle in the cloud nowadays. Forget the expensive infraestructure that requires local servers, rack, air-con, etc. Get ready to work anywhere in the world like being in your own office.

With Adaptive Designs

We focus on "responsive" designs, accessible from any devices like PC, Tablets o Mobiles. And certainly, if you need it, we create your mobile application (iOS and Android).

Integrated to Social Networks

We join your application to social networks. Get advantage from a huge market of prospect customers whom spend lots of hours on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

About us

  • We are a company that relies on professionals worldwide
  • With great professional people of high level, technical and analytical.
  • Just working with the best in each specialty.
  • We transfer to you the benefits of reduced cost of programming hours in other countries.
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Location at Barcelona

Gran Vía de las Corts Catalanes 1176

Our Services

Here you can see the services, technology and features we offer.

open source

Open Source

  • Open source tools without commercial restrictions.
  • No licensing troubles nor risk of pirate software in your offices.
  • Wide support in tecnical community.
lenguaje de programacion

Variety of Programming languages

  • Many different development languages and tools that will fit your needs.
  • PHP, MySQL, .Net, JQuery, Javascript, Perl, C, etc..
redes sociales

Social Media

  • Connect your application software to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc.
  • We can help you te "be part" of the Social Networks.

Telecom Systems

  • Have your own Telecom Systems, custom PBX, CallCenter CRM, or an IVR.
  • We are expert on Asterisk and we can provide high profile systems and scalability.

Frameworks & Responsive

  • Frameworks, snippets, plugins and much of the current tools to bring you the most powerfull software.
  • Symfony, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap 3, JQuery, angularJS, etc..


  • Your application must be seen on any device. We can do that.
  • Forget the speech "No, the app works just in this browser". We design to be suitable to Mobiles, Tablets, Pc, Mac, etc.
analista de sistema

Process analysis

  • Evaluation of your project, analyzing the information flow and path to follow.
  • We stablish milestones, objectives and keep track of them.
diseño web

Web graphic design

  • Have your own images and color disposition, suitable to your business message.
  • Retouching of images and global design adaptation.
servicio remoto

Remote service

  • Most of our job, is made by remote connection exclusively.
  • We do not use your tecnical resources nor energy and space.

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